Speak Your Truth



What does it mean to be congruent? 

It means that you are “in agreement or harmony”

And when thinking about how this applies to yourself, what it really means is that you are who you say you are. 

That you show up in the world based on who you are, not on who you think you need to be….

Not based on the thoughts, opinions and expectations of others

>>based on what is coming from INSIDE of you - your soul<<

The concept sounds simple enough, but how many of us are actually showing the world who we are? How many of us are living congruent lives, unafraid to be our true selves? 

How many of us actually do the inner work required to shed the layers and all of the things that we have been told about who we are or who we should be and sat in the silence and listened from within?

Do you know who you are without someone else? Do you know who you are without the circumstances you are in? Or the experiences that you have had?

This is what my life work is about, personally empowering you to uncover your truest self, your soul desires, and how to step in and create it… and I am still learning. I am still growing, evolving, uncovering and remembering. 

Just a couple of months ago, I found myself non-congruent. I felt the way that I was portraying myself and my message to the world, was not ALL of me. 

It was part of me, for sure, but I was still holding back. I was in some ways, trying to fit into the mold of what I thought the brand Kelly Kristin had to be. I was hiding a big part of myself and my power…

And when I got down to it, and starting asking the right questions, I realized that I was hiding the sexually connected divine feminine part of me, the side that wants to tell every women to play with her pussy and that you deserve endless amounts of pleasure and ecstasy, because I was afraid. 

I mean seriously, I was afraid to show a full picture of my body, and when I did, I was making sure it wasn’t showing too much skin, or my boobs were covered. I even had two separate IG accounts, one that I gave myself the freedom to post my fun shots from sexy photoshoots and in my bathing suit, because I fucking love my body and my sexiness and the other focused on my mindset and coaching business. And it was exhausting…

I was afraid that, like with so many other times in my life, I wouldn’t be taken seriously because of how I looked. I was telling myself the story that I could not show the sexy side of me because it would take away from all of the amazing work I do in the subconscious mind or somehow take away my credibility. I was afraid that I would be percived as selling “sex” or showing my body just for attention…

And the truth is, that has happened since I have been showing more of myself. Since I have been posting about sexual empowerment and my thoughts, feelings and knowledge of the divine feminine connection to our sexual energy, I have gotten more negative attention, more unwanted comments from men that are purely objectifying me and more haters. 

And I have also never felt so good and in alignment with who I truly am.

>>A fucking goddess<< 

I don’t have to hide a part of me to be successful, and I don’t have to hide my sexiness. this is an old paradigm and one that I refuse to participate in any longer. We are in the age of authenticity and acceptance and I am here for all of it. 

My work in this area feels particularly powerful because it is still so taboo and misunderstood, and it is so LIBERATING.

Can you imagine truly being at peace with who you are? Unafraid to speak your truth loudly and unapologetically? Embracing and loving every part of you (even the things you thought you never would)? Releasing all of your limiting beliefs and fears so that you can be seen in all of your magnificence?

This is living a turned on and tuned in life. I have experienced the power of this life and it is my pleasure and privilege to help others do this as well. 

I hope you have the courage to remember and embrace the goddess within you, whatever that looks like for you.