How To Shift Out of VICTIMLAND


Here is the deal, so many of us (my former self included) live in VICTIM LAND.

This is a place where you feel like things happen to you, you get angry at other people…you think things like “if only HE wasn’t doing _____ my life would be so much better”

Or “if my job was _____ I would be so much happier”.

You feel like you don’t really have any control, you wake up day to day and just EXSIT, but you don’t do what YOU want (maybe on the rare weekend, but certainly NEVER on a DAILY basis).

You work a job that is unfulfilling, you think you HAVE to do certain things because that is “just how life is”.

But the BIGGEST problem?

You give your POWER away…


When you live in victim land, you forget that YOU have control over your own reactions and life! You forget that you are the creator of your reality.

So how do you get out of this?

1. Take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, you have to become the cause. You created the life that you are living, EVERY PART OF IT. This may be super-confronting, but you must start here, we avoid being honest with ourselves because when we actually do then it means you might just have to DO something about it and not stay stuck, and that is the comfort zone.

2. CLARITY. What do you really want out of life? So many of us know what we DON’T want, know what makes us unhappy, but forget to actually CHOOSE to create what we DO want. You have to get clarity, create a vision for your life and take steps towards it daily.

3. FORGIVENESS. And this is HUGE! If you are harboring resentments, feeling ill towards someone, say things like “I hope he dies” (hey, I don’t judge I have BEEN there)….then you are giving your power away. You are giving your peace away, and as long as you do that you ARE a victim. Forgiveness is NOT always easy, but it will lighten and improve your life in ways you can not even imagine.


So, you may have been victimized, but it is a choice to be a victim.

You deserve better, your life can be better.

Much love,

Kelly Kristin xx