My deepest desire is to have every woman feel independence and have freedom of choice.

The freedom to be who she really is. 

The freedom to do as she pleases, to drop the constant people-pleasing and worthy seeking behaviors. 

The freedom to make her decisions that are based for her own well being, and stand firmly in them.

I have worked with and spoken to so many women that are not living the life that they want to because they still play small in so many ways and one of those ways includes being held back by money. 

They are tied into relationships that they don’t want to be in. 

Jobs that they don’t want to work out. 

Places that they don’t want to live…

Because they don’t have the money to leave. 

And I can relate….

Many years ago I was in an abusive relationship, one where he had a lot of money, and I foolishly, was not saving any of mine. 

There was a point where I knew that I HAD to leave, I WANTED to leave, and I couldn’t….

I didn’t have anywhere to go and I had no money to go out on my own. 

And that is when I DECIDED… that would NEVER be my story again. 

I started working more and more, at the time I was just starting out in Medical Sales and building my clientele so I picked up bartending shifts, as many as I could…

I started building my nest egg, quietly putting money away and doing other moves that I needed to, to be able to separate. 

And when the time came, I was ready…

I left that relationship running out of my house with no shoes on - only with bag I had stuffed with random shit in it frantically at 5 am after working an 18 hour day. 


My life forever changed that day. 

I remembered who the fuck I was. 

Since then, I went on a mission to first learn how to completely empower myself and HEAL (no, that was NOT easy), and now I do that for others. 

And while I LOVE the work that I have been doing, it is now time for more….

I can’t stand to hear one more story of being stuck in a life you don’t want to live because of MONEY. 

There are so many ways to make money. It is EVERYWHERE in ABUNDANCE. 

I have started multiple businesses, physical products, drop shipping, e commerce, and I have FINALLY ended up where I belong… coaching. 

And here is what I know for sure…

If your heart isn’t in it, it probably won’t work, and even if it does financially, it will be empty. 

It takes RESILIENCY.  


And it takes a WHY that is bigger than you. 

If you don’t have those things, I can’t help you…

And if you do, it’s time to take those qualities and start making money. 

Money gives you choice…

And Choice is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM.