Faith and releasing the how.


As a visionary, a leader, a dreamer or any combination of the above…

It can be hard to take that first step. 

And this is often the excuse “I don’t know HOW”

Actually, this is one of the most common conversations in my DM…People express to me things they want to have or do or be and say, “but I don’t know HOW”

My response…

There is no HOW, there is only NOW.

And what can you do right now? What is one small step that you can take?

And you actually already KNOW THE NEXT STEP.

In fact, you know ALL the steps (your subconscious knows). 

That is…if you have given your subconscious a clear direction to go and something to work towards. 

That is one of the biggest mistakes, just meandering through life, or having a vision that is so vague that your subconscious can’t work with you. 

Luckily for you, I have a process that up until now has been reserved for my high paying private clients.

This process teaches you how to speak in the language of your subconscious, get really clear on your vision and then implant into your future timeline so that the steps are then revealed to you.