It’s a word you hear a lot - thrown around casually, and it is anything but. 

What does it mean to be ‘authentic’?

To me…it means that you are showing the word the truest expression of yourself. 

It means you are saying the things you want to say. 

You are being the YOU that you want to be. 

It means you have shed the layers and done the work to uncover who you truly are. 

And then done the work even further to know that who you truly are is enough…you don’t have to be anything else. 

So, Are you living authentically?

OR, Do you allow the perception of others to control you? To determine how you act, what you say, and how you feel? 

Do you let outside expectations dictate your life? 

And then claim that “you don’t know who you’re are anymore”?

And if you are still in this latter category, there is no shame to be held. Self- discovery is a process, enjoying the unfolding. Step into the unknown. Let the world see who you truly are so that you can be free, and in the process you free others too.