If you think you have decided already, DECIDE AGAIN.

I talk a lot about deciding. 

Deciding that you are worthy, deciding that you a goddess. Deciding to embrace your truest self…

Or really, deciding to be successful in whatever your chosen endeavor is.

And I am sure that you have decided to do these things…

And yet, nothing has really changed. 

You say you’re affirmations. You know that you want it…you feel the desire deeply…and still nothing!


Saying that you have decided and actually deciding are two very different things. 

How will you know when you have decided?


You become CERTAIN that it is yours, you know that it is yours and you stop having any energy of neediness or wanting around it. 

Kind of like when you decide that you are going to buy something. 

You want it, maybe you go through reasons in your head of if you should or shouldn’t get it, and then you make a decision. 

And once you decide to buy it…you just do. 

You don’t doubt it, you don’t worry if you can have it or not. You don’t think about who is making it or how it is being made…

You know that it is yours. 


See how easy that is?

Ask yourself, where have you not FULLY decided? 

Decide now.

Decide and then act will unwavering faith, knowing that it is already yours.

Who is this person that has this thing that you have decided you want? How can you act from that place now?

And yes! You must then take aligned action. Ask for this! Ask to be shown the next step that you should take! 

You don’t need to worry about the how of it all, just do the next thing…

And then the next and the next. 

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

And when you have DECIDED that this is yours, quitting or stopping is not an option.

At least, not an option the person that has fully decided would ever consider. 

Decide. Decide. Decide!

Are you who you want to be?

Where you want to be?

Is this the fucking life that you REALLY want to be living?