It Always Comes Back to Worthiness

It always comes back to worthiness. 


Really, it is about deciding that you are worthy. 

Worthy of what exactly?


You say you are doing the work, and perhaps you are on some level…

You claim that this is what you want, and you know that you can have it. 

Then why is it still not here?

Why does it seem so easy for others, and yet it still eludes you?


On a deep level. 

Not on the surface where you explain your worth, or give yourself reasons that “of course I am worthy”…

Deep down into the layer of IDENTITY. 

At your core, with who you believe that you are…

And if you haven’t developed this personally, it is largely from whomever raised you and what THEY believe you are. 

So the question is…

At your core, in the deepest part of your identity…

Do you believe that you are worthy?

Do you believe that it gets to be you?

That life can be easy for you?

That what you want, YOU are capable of having and that it is already yours?

That you are and always have been worthy, no matter what your circumstances or experiences may have shown you?

Can you make this your truth? Can you live it, breath it, walk it, talk it, BE it?

Your worthiness is not in question. It is inherent. 

And once you fully embody this truth, life opens up for you in ways that you have only imagined.