It's Time

It’s time you stopped playing small.

It’s time you stopped dimming your magic.

It’s time you stopped denying your power.

Don’t you get it?

Everyday that goes by that you aren’t living in the truest expression of yourself is a day that you don’t get back. 

Everyday that you spend in the wrong job, the wrong relationship…or the wrong state of mind is never going to come back. 

And maybe you think…”I am TRYING my best”

but are you really?

Trying implies failing. In fact, we use this term often in hypnotherapy…go ahead and TRY to open your eyes…knowing that you won’t.

Really think about that for a second…don’t want to go somewhere? You say I will “try” to make it…really thinking that you won’t or don’t want to. 

So are you trying or are you doing?

Or….are you BEING who you need to be to actually make change in your life?

And maybe you think “well, it isn’t so bad, am happy some of the time…it’s fine”

FINE? Fine, really….that is what you want? A fine life?

Well, I guess that is ok then…have your fine life. 

For those of us that know we are meant for more than a fine life…

There really is only one other option. 


You didn’t come here to live a fine, mediocre, BORING ass life. 

You came here to love, to be filled with JOY to be RADIANT!

Whatever you desire to BE, you already are…it is really the truest expression of you. 

It is just that sometimes, we let life experiences, outdated beliefs and thoughts take over. We let fear and worry get the best of us…

And we forget our magic, our beauty, our divinity. 

We forget our connection to the infinite.

You already have the power within you. 

Are you embodying it?